The Nostalgia Critic is a YouTube series about a critic that criticizes bad movies and TV shows and sometimes video games

Tracks from APM Music featured in this YouTube Series Edit

  • A Hat, A Cane by Ronnie Hazlehurst
  • Acts Of Heroism (A) by Trevor Duncan
  • Agitato In C Minor by Jack Shaindlin
  • American Ball Game by Ronald Hanmer
  • Approaching Evil by Chris Payne and Paul Rogers
  • Bargains Galore by Stuart Crombie and Dennis Berry
  • Bliss by Alec Gould
  • Charlie's Polka by Henryk Kuzniak
  • Clog Dance by Dick Walter
  • Crazy Goof by Jack Shaindlin
  • Domestic Fun (B) by Ernest Tomlinson
  • Drama Link (D) by Hubert Clifford
  • Dramatic Cue (D) by Ronald Hanmer
  • Dramatic Impact 3 by Ivor Slaney
  • Limelight Waltz by Albert Marland
  • Merry As A Grig by Van Phillips
  • Musette Madeleine by Roland Kovac
  • Romantic Evening by Gary Hughes
  • Santa Lucia (A) by Ken Jones and Keith Grant
  • Satanic by Richard Harvey
  • Shock Horror (A) by Dick Walter
  • Star Parade by Tony Kinsey
  • The Waiting Silence by Richard Harvey
  • Workaday World by Jack Beaver
  • Young Ballerina by David Farnon