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Ren & Stimpy is a cartoon television series that has lasted from 1991 to 1996.

Tracks from APM Music featured in this showEdit

  1. Acts of Heroism A by Trevor Duncan
  2. Acts Of Heroism C by Trevor Duncan
  3. Action Cut A by Gregor Narholz
  4. Air Raid by Gerhard Trede
  5. Appearing Live A by Dick Walter
  6. Battle At Sea by Johnny Pearson
  7. Big Bad Giant by Paddy Kingsland
  8. Big Show Theme by Robert Sharples
  9. Bits And Pieces by Ronald Hanmer
  10. Black Swarm by Simon Benson
  11. Bliss by Alec Gould
  12. Blood And Sand by Ronald Hanmer
  13. Blood In The Gutter by Laurie Johnson
  14. Blues In A Hurry by Cecil Norman
  15. Brass Stabs by John Fox
  16. Busy Life by Cedric Palmer
  17. Busy Shoppers by Len Stevens
  18. Catwalk by Kenny Graham
  19. Cold Sweat by John Scott
  20. The Crime Busters by Ralph Dollimore
  21. Crime Doesn’t Pay by Jack Beaver
  22. Cue The Action! A by Dick Walter
  23. Curtain-Raiser by Alan Braden
  24. Danger Zone by Mike Sunderland
  25. Dangerous A by Mladen Franko
  26. Dangerous C by Mladen Franko
  27. Dead March 1 by Alfred Kluten
  28. Dead March 2 by Alfred Kluten
  29. Drama Link A by Hubert Clifford
  30. Drama Link B by Hubert Clifford
  31. Drama Link C by Hubert Clifford
  32. Drama Link D by Hubert Clifford
  33. Drama Link E by Hubert Clifford
  34. Drama Link F by Hubert Clifford
  35. Drama Link G by Hubert Clifford
  36. Drama Link H by Hubert Clifford
  37. Drama Link I by Hubert Clifford
  38. Drama Link J by Hubert Clifford
  39. Drama Link K by Hubert Clifford
  40. Drama Link L by Hubert Clifford
  41. Drama Link M by Hubert Clifford
  42. Drama Link N by Hubert Clifford
  43. Drama Link O by Hubert Clifford
  44. Dramatic Cue A by Ronald Hanmer
  45. Dramatic Cue B by Ronald Hanmer
  46. Dramatic Cue C by Ronald Hanmer
  47. Dramatic Cue D by Ronald Hanmer
  48. Dramatic Cue E by Ronald Hanmer
  49. Dramatic Cue F by Ronald Hanmer
  50. Dramatic Cue G by Ronald Hanmer
  51. Dramatic Cue H by Ronald Hanmer
  52. Dramatic Impact 1 by Ivor Slaney
  53. Dramatic Impact 2 by Ivor Slaney
  54. Dramatic Impact 3 by Ivor Slaney
  55. Dramatic Impact 4 by Ivor Slaney
  56. Dramatic Impact 5 by Ivor Slaney
  57. Dramatic Impact 6 by Ivor Slaney
  58. Dramatic Stabs by John Fox
  59. Easing Tension by Pavel Orm
  60. Erotic Nightmare by William Farran
  61. Fashion On Parade by Ronald Hanmer
  62. Finders Creepers by Paddy Kingsland
  63. Finger Of Fear by Fredric Bayco
  64. Fly By Night by Montague Ewing
  65. Folli The Foal by Andrew Fenner
  66. Fully Fashoined by George French
  67. Funny Little Man by Wyn Henry
  68. Gala Premire by Laurie Johnson
  69. Gay Activity by Clive Richardson
  70. Gay Time by Alan Perry
  71. Golden Arrow by Jack Beaver
  72. Graveyard by Johnny Pearson
  73. Hackney Carraige by Cedric Palmer
  74. Happy Hippo by Eric Winstone
  75. Happy Holiday by Anthony Spurgin 
  76. Happy-Go-Lively by Laurie Johnson
  77. Heavy Affliction by Cedric Palmer
  78. Here And There by Gary Hughes
  79. Hit And Run by Ralph Dollimore
  80. Holiday Playtime by Cedric Palmer
  81. Hollywood Epic by Jack Beaver
  82. Hollywood Holiday by Frank Samuels
  83. Hollywood Romance by Peter Yorke
  84. Inferno by Fredric Bayco
  85. Junior Miss by Len Stevens
  86. Lambs In The Clover by Jack Strachey
  87. Life Or Death by Jack Beaver
  88. Limelight Waltz by Albert Marland
  89. Locomotion by Clive Richardson
  90. Lumbering Giant by Paddy Kingsland
  91. Main Street by Alec Gould
  92. Metropolis by Jack Brown
  93. Mists Of Illusion by Gilbert Vinter
  94. Model Girl by Gary Hughes
  95. Non Stop by John Malcolm
  96. On Fire by Gregor Narholz
  97. Open And End Fanfare by Nino Nardini 
  98. Our Mr. Meredith by Eric Winstone
  99. Panic Patrol by Kenny Graham
  100. Passing The Time by Robert Sharples
  101. Playbill by Wilfred Burns
  102. Poppin' Around by Bruce Campbell
  103. Rescue by Cecil Milner
  104. Roman March by Robert Sharples
  105. Satanic by Richard Harvey
  106. Savage Episode by Len Stevens
  107. Saw Theme by William Trytel
  108. Screw On The Loose by Tony Lowry
  109. Secret Hopes A by Mladen Franko
  110. Set To Pounce by David Farnon
  111. Shock Horror A by Dick Walter
  112. Shopping Spree by Laurie Johnson
  113. Shopping Street by Cedric Palmer
  114. Show Fanfare 4 by David Lindup
  115. Showtime A by Robert Sharples
  116. Silent Tears by Keith Nichols
  117. Silent Scream A by Richard Harvey
  118. Softly She Sleeps by Cedric Palmer
  119. Spindlelegs by Cedric Palmer
  120. Springtime For Lovers by Len Stevens
  121. Star Parade by Tony Kinsey
  122. Star Prizes A by Tony Kinsey
  123. Stealth By Night by Jack Coles
  124. Stop Gap by Robert Sharples
  125. Straight 8 by Stuart Crombie and Dennis Berry
  126. The Sword Of Damocles by Jack Beaver
  127. Take A Bow 2 by David Lindup
  128. Terror By Night by Hubert Clifford
  129. Tom Fool by Van Phillips
  130. Trafficscape by Eric Winstone
  131. Tristesse by Gerhard Trede
  132. Turkey Trot by John Longmire
  133. Voodoo Victim by Gilbert Vinter
  134. The Waiting Silence by Richard Harvey
  135. Where Danger Lurks by Ronald Hanmer
  136. Whodunnit? by Steve Race
  137. Willy Nilly by Cyril Watters
  138. Without Walls A by Mladen Franko
  139. Workaday World by Jack Beaver
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