The Simpsons is a show on fox that’s still airing episodes to this day

Tracks from APM music that were featured in the show Edit

  • Asinine by Jack Shaindlin
  • Curtain-Raiser by Alan Braden
  • Dramatic Impact 2 by Ivor Slaney
  • Giant Killers (A) by Len Stevens
  • Happy-Go-Lively by Laurie Johnson
  • Highly Strung by George French
  • James Blond by Jurgen Schlachter
  • The Lineman by Sam Spence
  • The Merry Gent by Alan Moorhouse
  • Pageantry Processional by Ronald Hanmer
  • Phantasm by Leslie Bridgewater
  • Salute To Freedom by Leslie Stratham
  • Shopping Spree by Laurie Johnson